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By 2021 The Use Of Telecare Systems Predicted To Reach 3.4m

By making use of telecare, individuals can proactively take steps towards living independently and in better health for much longer. The demand for personal alarms for the elderly is currently around 450,000. Accordingly to Berg Insight, this figure is expecting to increase to around 3.4 million by 2012. {...}

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Making Your Home Work For You

Enabling people to live independently in their own homes has become increasingly important as the elderly population expands. With one in every five people expected to live to be a hundred, putting carefully designed technological systems into people’s homes can help them with their everyday needs and reduce the need for care. {...}

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Wearables Aren’t Just Smart Watches

Considering how far the industry has progressed over recent years, when thinking about wearable technology it is entirely natural if your first thoughts lead to smartwatches and fitness trackers. Wearable technology, however, goes much further. For some, wearables are one of the only things that separate them from a life of dependency and instead provide a sense freedom and all-important security. {...}

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How Telecare Can Help Those With Dementia

People with dementia face many challenges in their daily lives. The introduction of telecare services can keep people with dementia safe in their own homes and give their relatives and friends confidence in their ability to live independently for longer. {...}

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Telecare Users Expected to Triple By 2020

The number of older people living in the UK is set to increase dramatically over the next 20 years. This means there will be a greater number of older people living in their own homes and striving to be as independent as possible. With this in mind, technology that provides telecare services for older people needs to be as reliable and efficient as possible. {...}

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