By 2021 The Use Of Telecare Systems Predicted To Reach 3.4m

telecare systems to rise

Personal emergency response systems (PERS) are a personal support and assistance system provided remotely to people living in their own homes. Using a simple ‘panic button’ device that can be worn around the neck or on a bracelet, people who are living alone and are elderly or disabled can alert a response team when they need help. Whether it’s a trip or fall, sudden illness or other emergency, vulnerable individuals and their families can be assured that a call for help has been heard and that assistance is on the way.

A Growing Demand

According to Berg Insight, in Europe and the US the current demand for pendant alarms for the elderly is somewhere around 450,000. However, with an ageing population wishing to remain in their own homes for longer, a sharp increase in demand is predicted. Informed estimates see current use of these and similar devices rising to around 3.4 million by 2021.

New Generation of Personal Alarms

Aside from a greater number of people choosing to stay in their homes, improvements in the technology of pendant alarms have also contributed to a rise in interest. Mobile telecare systems, which were once restricted to home use, are now portable, using GPS and cellular connectivity to keep active users connected outside their homes. With these new and more versatile forms of remote monitoring becoming more available, insurance companies and care programmes are seeing the benefits of personal alarms for the elderly. Companies such as Careline in the UK are one proponent of their use.

PERS in the UK

Along with carelines in the UK, Aster Telecare also provide a personal emergency response. These services allow seniors to enjoy independent living safely and for longer and give victims of crime an extra layer of protection. Due to the various reasons why individuals choose personal alarms, Aster’s spectrum of assistance technology services is tailored to meet individual needs. This type of bespoke service is one of the forces driving the recognition of personal alarm services in the UK.

What Services Do Aster Provide?

Every bespoke package begins with an assessment of the client’s own home. The monitored home unit is professionally installed, and full guidance is given on how to use the pendant. But, most importantly, once the unit is set up, Aster will be able to monitor you 24 hours a day, home and away, via a connection to our friendly and professional team.

The Freedom of the Future

With so many new developments in PERS, Berg Insight have plenty of positive predictions for those who intend to live in their own homes. Having the confidence and assurance to be able to go out, meet friends and take regular exercise is seen as one of the most beneficial actions an individual can take to stay healthy. By making use of telecare, individuals can proactively take steps towards living independently and in better health for much longer.

About The Author

Aster offer services and support for people to live independently for as long as possible. One of Aster’s most successful areas is their telecare service which is a personal alarm system that allows people to call for help by simply pressing a button.