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Connected Living - On the Move


Live the life you want, safe in the knowledge that help is on hand whenever you need it.

Connected Living - On the Move is a distinctive wristband with your own unique ID number and emergency phone number where help can be called 24/7 when needed.

Expect only the very best - We are experts in what we do and have years of experience and knowledge to help you or your loved one live safe and well.

We are here for you - Our people are the best, friendly and reassuring, We are here for you whenever you need us, day or night.


How does On the Move work?

If you're away from home and in need of help, a person can call the emergency number on your wristband and speak to our monitoring centre. No confidential information will be passed to the caller.

We are on hand straightway and we will refer to your pre-arranged emergency instructions. 

We will call your nominated contact, carer or call the emergency services dependent on the situation. 

Sleep tight day and night

How much does it cost?

£52.00 per year, plus VAT (this item is not exempt from VAT).

You connect £30.00 (postal and registration)

Aster connect £60.00 (installation and registration)

If you sign up for any other package at the same time, the installation/postal will be free for On the Move.

Accredited and audited by the Telecare Services Association (TSA).

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Frequently asked questions

The wristband doesn't have any technology inside it. It is a distinctive wristband with your own unique ID number and emergency phone number printed on it. Someone can call for help and give you unique number where help can be summons.

We will need to know some personal information and what you would like us to do in the event of an emergency when you are out and about. For example, if you have a dog, would you like us to call your neighbour to keep an eye on your dog and let him out. Or if you have a child at school, who would you like us to call to collect them.

We ask all our customers to pay by direct debit, one month in advance.  This makes it easy for you as you won’t have to worry about paying your bill each month as it is collected automatically.  If you don’t have a bank account, don’t worry, you can call us each month to pay over the phone, you can pay using a payment card or you can pay by invoice.

Yes, but the good news is, our contract is for a minimum period of one month, and that is it, so you mustn’t worry about being stuck in a contract that you can’t get out of.  We have no hidden agenda’s, we pride ourselves on being upfront and honest. We ask you to sign an agreement and information sheet which gives us permission to hold your records securely and confidentially. 


All our equipment is for anyone at any age so please don’t feel that you can’t have our monitored equipment at home.  We have discrete pendant options which would keep you safe at home.  These are ideal to show your children that in the event of an emergency, all they need to do is press the button and help will be called. When you are out and about Connected Living – On the Move is perfect for you. 

No problem at all, give us a call on 0333 400 8299 anytime between 9am-4.30pm Monday to Friday and we can help you with any concerns that you may have.

Need to give us a ring?

0333 400 8299

You can phone us on this number Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm.