Pendant Alarm Lifelines

Pendant alarms are not only useful for people who live alone: they can be a real lifeline for carers as well, as the following case study shows.

Twenty Years of Caring

When her husband received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 1996, Mrs Merrick made the decision to care for him at home. Mr Merrick was aged 66 at the time, and as the years went on his condition gradually worsened. Now he needs help with getting in and out of bed, and he can be prone to falls, particularly as he likes to stay as independent as possible.

Mrs Merrick had experience with pendant alarms for the elderly, since her mother had used one previously. The Sandwell couple decided to have a pendant alarm system installed in their home so that when Mrs Merrick wanted to go out she would not have to worry about leaving her husband. Wearing the pendant alarm around his neck means that Mr Merrick can easily use it to contact help.

Being able summon help at any time of the day or night was also very convenient, as it meant they would no longer have to call an ambulance whenever they needed help in an emergency. With the pendant alarm system fitted, Mrs Merrick does not have to arrange for carers to come in or to plan outings in advance, as she knows that Mr Merrick will be able to contact help if he needs it while she is away from the home.

The Advantages of Telecare

With pendant alarms for the elderly that are linked to a home unit that is monitored 24 hours a day, you know that just the touch of a button will put you in contact with friendly professionals who will contact the person or service you need immediately. This enables people who otherwise would need some form of 24-hour care to remain independent in their own homes. People with disabilities or mobility problems and those who are prone to falls also benefit from telecare alarms.

Aster supplies telecare alarms that are monitored 24 hours a day. An initial assessment is conducted, and this can be followed by a free eight-week trial - plenty of time to recognise how the system can improve your quality of life. Knowing that you are able to get help and reassurance at any time of the day or night makes it much easier and safer to maintain independence for as long as possible. The system connects with the experienced team who are able to offer the help that is needed. Pendant alarms are not new - they have been tried and tested over many years, and they are as useful and popular today as they have ever been.

Mr and Mrs Merrick believe that the personal alarm he wears has enabled Mrs Merrick to continue to care for her husband at home and prevented the need for him to be admitted to residential care.