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Anti-social behaviour

Find out more about the different types of anti-social behaviour that we will investigate and other problems which can be dealt with by your neighbourhood officer. 

Our ASB team provide a risk and victim-focused service, and will work in partnership with other agencies such as local authorities, the police and support services in resolving anti-social behaviour in our communities. The types of behaviours we will investigate include:

  • hate-related incidents (racist/ homophobic)
  • physical violence
  • domestic abuse
  • all drug-related activity
  • noise nuisance
  • youth anti-social behaviour
  • neighbour disputes (not personal disputes)
  • alcohol-related nuisance
  • harassment (verbal abuse, threats, intimidation)
  • criminal behaviour
  • threats of violence
  • sex working or sexually inappropriate behaviour.

Most of these issues may also be criminal offences and we would ask that you report these matters to the police before you speak to us, especially if you believe your welfare is a risk. This will help us decide what action is appropriate, and most importantly, keep you safe.

Our ASB team is trained to respond to reports of domestic abuse, and understand how difficult it can be to report if this is happening to you. We understand there are different types of abuse and how to assess the risks a victim is facing.

As your landlord we may not be able to provide all the answers, however, we work closely with all organisations who can help you and make sure you are fully supported. If you are affected by domestic abuse, including honour-based violence, please contact us.

You can also contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0800 247 2000. This is a 24-hour helpline run in partnership by Refuge and Women’s Aid.

Other problems you might report to us, which will be dealt with by your neighbourhood officer include:

  • boundary disputes/fences
  • abandoned properties or sub-letting.
  • parking disputes
  • operating businesses from properties
  • misuse of communal areas (littering, fly-tipping, ball games)
  • graffiti and fly-posting
  • pet nuisance (barking, biting, fouling and straying)
  • poor garden (including bonfires) or property conditions
  • abandoned vehicles
  • vehicle nuisance (repairs, revving engines)

If you are affected by anti-social behaviour, please let us know. It is also important to try speaking calmly to others involved. They might not realise the impact of what they’re doing and sometimes a friendly word can put things right. If this isn't the right thing to do, or doesn't work, we'll investigate your report and ask you to make a record of any incidents that cause you problems. We can't always take action that will instantly solve a problem, but we'll be honest with you about what we can and cannot do, and will always keep you updated.

Sometimes, with your consent, we will refer your case to another agency, like the police, the Environmental Health Team, or Community Safety Teams and Partnership, who may be able to help you. We'll work with those agencies and other partners to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Report anti-social behaviour

Our ASB team is trained to respond to reports of domestic abuse, and understand how difficult it can be to report if this is happening to you. If you are affected then please report ASB through the form within MyAster.

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