This Shared Ownership Thing podcast

Welcome to This Shared Ownership Thing podcast. Each month we sit down to discuss frequently asked questions, share the incredible stories of our customers and dispel the myths and rumors of Shared Ownership. Brought to you by Aster Sales. Visit for more information.

Episode 1: In the first ever episode of "This Shared Ownership Thing" Podcast, Cheryl Gibbens (Marketing Officer) and Gemma Robinson (Senior Marketing Officer) gather round the mic to discuss their top 3 FAQ’s about Shared Ownership, Toby & Sam's Aster Life Story, Buying guide - how to find a mortgage lender and Aster's upcoming Launches.

Episode 2: In this episode of "This Shared Ownership Thing" Podcast, Cheryl Gibbens (Marketing Officer) speaks with a recent Aster Shared Ownership buyer Tiana Chadwick . Listen to hear Tiana's experience of purchasing a shared ownership home and why it was the right decision for her.

The conversation surrounding shares being purchased between 25-75% is based on the current shared ownership model and our shared ownership homes under the existing scheme. You may have heard that there are some changes to the Shared Ownership model on the way. Whilst this doesn’t impact on our current shared ownership homes for sale we will be updating our website with more details around the new model soon. If you have any questions about this in the meantime please do get in touch with us or visit the Government’s website to find out more.

Podcast Transcripts

  • Episode 1

    Cheryl (00:07):
    Hello, and welcome to ‘This Shared Ownership Thing podcast with the Aster sales team. Each month we sit down to discuss frequently asked questions, share the incredible stories of our customers andwe dispel the myths and rumors of shared ownership. My name's Cheryl, and this week I'm joined by my co-host, the fabulous Gemma Robinson. In this episode, we're going to discuss the top three FAQ's, our Aster life stories, information surrounding our buying guide and the upcoming launches of our new shared ownership homes. So before we get started, we'll just take a minute to introduce ourselves. So my name is Cheryl Gibbons and I am a marketing officer for Aster sales. Over to you Gem.
    Gemma (00:57):
    Thank youCheryl. So my name is Gemma Robinson and I'm the senior marketing officer within Aster sales team. I'm currently covering a maternity leave cover whilst Alex is on leave.
    Cheryl (01:12):
    Fabulous - and is there anything cool or interesting about yourself that you can share?
    Gemma (01:18):
    Oh, that's a really good question. I don't particularly think of myself as that cool, but I would probably say the cool thing is about me. Oh, that's a really good questionCheryl. I would say the fact that I was born in the channel islands, so somewhere a little bit different, and we lived there for a little while before coming back over to England. So that's a little cool fact about me. Something a bit different.
    Cheryl (01:48):
    That's super cool Gem, and one thing I'm going to drop in there about myself of course, is that I've just completed the 24 hour national three-peak challenge. And if you're wondering, I will be dropping that into every single conversation from now on, so…..
    Gemma (02:04):
    Rightly so Cheryl it's a great achievement.
    Cheryl (02:08):
    Okay. So here's a few questions for our listeners to get to know you Gem. Are you ready?
    Gemma (02:14):
    I am indeed.
    Cheryl (02:16):
    Are you a dog or a cat person?
    Gemma (02:20):
    Ooh, that's a good one. Definitely dog. Although a few years ago probably would have said a cat until we got our dog Elsa because she rules the roost. So I'm going to go with dog.
    Cheryl (02:29):
    Okay and next question. If you're just working at home, are you someone who wears jeans or are you a lounge wear queen.
    Gemma (02:40):
    Hang on? So people actually wear jeans when they're at home?. I didn't even realise that was a thing.100% lounge wear. I'm all about the comfort, kind of the only staple part of my wardrobe - leggings or lounge wear. I don't know about anybody else, but I certainly opt for the leggings over jeans every day of the week now.
    Cheryl (02:58):
    My kind of girl!. And the last question is what is your preference? Starbucks, a little star b's or a Costa?
    Gemma (03:11):
    Oh, I think it depends on the drink. I think if there's a hot drink, I'm going to go Costa, but if it's a cold drink, like a frappe or something like that, I'm going to go Starbucks. Okay. Controversial maybe, but you know, a little bit on the fence. I like both depending on the type of beverage.
    Cheryl (03:34):
    And just for our listeners, especially if Amy Nettleton's listening. What is your favorite cold coffee drink?
    Gemma (03:37):
    Oh, well, it's not really necessarily a cold coffee drink, but I do like a chilled chai tea.
    Cheryl (03:48):
    And what is in a chai tea?
    Gemma (03:50):
    Well, it's a nice Chai, spicy cinnamon flavours and I think it's more tea based as opposed to coffee, but it justreally kind of makes me think of summer and it's quite a nicerefreshing drink itself. It's not to everybody's cup of tea, but I certainly like it.
    Cheryl (04:09):
    I'm sure you can get Amy trying that sometime soon.
    Gemma (04:12):
    I'm not sure.
    Cheryl (04:19):
    Okay. So moving on to shared ownership, presumably you found this podcast as you're interested in shared ownership, and you want to find out more about the product and how it works, but for those of you that don't know shared ownership is a model that enables you to purchase a share of a home, usually between 25 to 75% and you pay rent on the remaining share. And the deposits are usually a minimum of 5% of the share that you purchase. So for our first topic, we're going to share some of the questions that we frequently get asked through live chat or social media or on the phones from our amazing customers. So Gem, I'm going to ask you some of the questions that we are asked most frequently. Okay. Are you ready?
    Gemma (05:07):
    I am indeed. Go ahead.
    Cheryl (05:10):
    Okay. So for shared ownership, what sort of deposit would someone need?
    Gemma (05:17):
    Okay, so this is a great one. So you usually only need a 5% deposit based upon the percentage share of the property you're buying. So just as an example, if you were to buy a 40% share in a £300,000 property, so the share would be £120,000, your 5% deposit would actually be based upon the share. So the £120,000 you're buying as opposed to the full property price. So that would mean it's around the £6,000 mark. So it's far more achievable as opposed to having to raise a deposit on the full market value.
    Cheryl (05:51):
    Okay, perfect. That makes sense. Next question. Can you buy more shares once you've purchased your initial share? So say I went and purchased 30% of a home. Could I then go on to buy more shares in the future?
    Gemma (06:07):
    Absolutely, and that is the beauty of shared ownership. You don't have to stick at the share you initially buy, you can do if you wish to, but you can obviously buy more if you want to. It's called staircasing (So that's the jargon that we use to buy more shares.) and in most cases you can staircase and buy a 100% of the property. Now I say most cases because there are some homes in which have a cap on the staircasing amount that you can purchase, but that can be outlined to you before you purchase the home itself. So you'll be made aware at the outset what the maximum you can buy. But like we say, in most instances you can go on to buy a hundred percent of the property and then buy outright.
    Cheryl (06:49):
    Okay. So if someone was wanting to staircase their home, would they do that through Aster?
    Gemma (06:55):
    Absolutely. We've got a dedicated team, a resale and staircasing team, led by Anna and Karenand you have a dedicated resale negotiator who would actually be able to guide you through the whole process. It's all dealt with in house. So we can guide you through this every step of the way and full information is on our website about that. But if anyone's ever got any questions about how the process works, they can get in touch with us on live chat or on social media, and we can talk them through exactly what they would need to do.
    Cheryl (07:23):
    Fabulous. Thank you. And the last question, if someone has purchased a shared ownership home with Aster, but would then like to sell it a few years later, would they be able to do that?
    Gemma (07:37):
    Absolutely, and it kind of leads on from the question previously as well. We have a dedicated team that can help do this. So as soon as you decide you want to sell, your property will get valued and placed on the market with Aster. So we have an eight week period in which we would try and sell that property for you, bearing in mind, we have a database of people that are looking for properties in different areas. So we're quite well-placed to do that. If the property hasn't sold within that timeframe, you can obviously go to another estate agent of your choice and sell it through them.
    Cheryl (08:10):
    Fabulous. Thank you, Gem. So that is the three most common questions we've been asked recently, mainly on our live chat function on our website. So it's good to get those answered. For any more answers to our FAQ, you can also visit or you can ask your question direct by emailing us on, or you can contact us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or via live chat on our website.
    Cheryl (08:44):
    So next we are going to look at one of our Aster life stories. So the story that we'll be playing is Sam and Toby, and there'll be telling us all about their shared ownership journey with Aster. They were looking for a place that they could call home for themselves and something that they could also afford in the Oxfordshire area.
    Toby (09:10):
    Both Sam and I had a period where we were renting obviously, and Oxford is notoriously expensive for many reasons. So the kind of desire to get out of the rental property market and into, onto the property ladder, so to speak was kind of always the aim. That was the time to both kind of get away from renting and towards more stable.
    Sam (09:39):
    We pay...well no we do pay less in rent, pretty much I'd say, and we also own a place and that comes and you do feel different when you actually own somewhere you sorta feel very proud of it. And, and you want to be there that's what I've noticed, sort of beforehand. I didn't really care about where I stayed. It was just somewhere to wake up and go to bed in, but now I find myself actually wanting to go home.
    Toby (10:13):
    Aster is a housing developer and also a housing association. So they build their own houses for sale for direct sell for shared ownership and then also housing association as well, that markets properties.
    Toby (10:31):
    Aster helped a lot just by, by being a source of information for it, because it's quite a daunting thing when you're making that first step. And certainly my generation, I didn't ever think we'd be able to just cause it seemed just the way everything was going that we'd be renting forever. But Aster was quite like a solid source of information to say, I know there are other ways just of getting there other than just sort of the more traditional route and they, yeah, they, they sort of told us all about shared Ownership.
    Sam (11:05):
    Aster just get on with things they don't burden you with things you don't actually have to know about. They're just there when you need them. At the end of the phone or on email, they just do an awful lot of hard work, but you're sort of unaware of it and you're happy with that because you trust them.
    Toby (11:25):
    Aster take the stress out of it and when you're a first time, when you're first time buyer, that's a massive, massive thing that's almost hard to overstate and they make the process very surprisingly easy which again, for people, our age in our situation was a massive, massive help.
    Sam (11:46):
    You know, it's the best thing I've ever done. And that is in a massive way thanks to them.
    Gemma (11:57):
    I think this is a fantastic life story. I know I've seen this a few times and heard about Sam and Toby. What I particularly love about their story is they were well aware of Oxfordshire being super, super expensive. They didn't obviously feel that it was achievable to buy a property in the area they loved. But shared ownership really allowed them to continue to stay in a place they love to live and actually be able to call it home. So it's really given them the security that they were after. And that's why I love about the shared ownership product. You can stay in the place that you want to live. You're not necessarily pushed to another area due to costs and you know, the cost of the property itself. So I think it also highlights how the product can work for you. So you can stay in an area you want to live in.
    Cheryl (12:40):
    Yeah, I think as well, one really special thing. Sam and Toby both mentioned in the life story, how, before they had found a home, they, they were just in a place that they could drop all their stuff off that like they didn't refer to it as home, but shared ownership has enabled them to actually have a place that they can call home themselves. So yeah, really special and a good story for how shared ownership works for people.
    Gemma (13:05):
    Cheryl (13:06):
    So you can also visit to watch more of our customer testimonials. If you would like to hear their stories,
    Cheryl (13:26):
    Now we're going to move on to buying guide. So if you're thinking about buying your first home, but you don't know where to begin, we have a handy buyer's guide on our website. You can find this on And for this part of the buying guide episode, we're going to discuss how to find a mortgage lender. So Gem, if I was to look at buying a shared ownership home, how, where would I start in trying to find a mortgage lender? What would I do?
    Gemma (13:59):
    Okay, so there are various ways in which you can find a mortgage lender. So, you know, the typical online research asking friends and family for, you know, recommendations or word of mouth. The good thing here at Aster is we do work with a company called T M P, which stands for the mortgage people. Now they can help you,not only do the affordability assessments to work out the share of the property you can afford to buy, but they’re also really well-placed and they know the other shared ownership mortgage providers that are out there and can advise on lenders available for you and your circumstances. So they really take the hassle out of finding the right mortgage product, because with shared ownership, you will need a specific shared ownership mortgage product type, as opposed to a mortgage that you could get on the high street.So one thing, you know, we always would like to say, you know, if you've got any questions about the whole process, the affordability assessments, or how to reach TMP, get in touch with us, we're always available for you to contact us on live chat or social media. So you can just pop us a message and we can certainly direct you to TMP who will be able to provide you some advice in this regards.
    Cheryl (15:12):
    Perfect. Thank you, Gem that's super helpful to know. And lastly, on our first little episode, we are going to go through the exciting upcoming launches that we have for our new homes. So Gem, would you like to share what locations we have shared ownership homes coming up in?
    Gemma (15:38):
    Absolutely. So it's going to be a really busy couple of months for us all so it's a really fantastic opportunity to get your foot on that property ladder. So we'll have a couple of properties coming to Hop Field Place in Alton, which is in Hampshire. We've also got some properties at Carrington Place in Redhill, in Surrey. Carmel Meadows in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. River's Edge in Wimborne, Dorset. The Pavilions in now, excuse me in advance, is it Bodicote or Bodycote. Bodicote. Thank you, Cheryl knows this is because Cheryl looks after Oxfordshire. So thank you there. New Fields, in Chichester in Sussex. Rookery Park in North Bersted in Sussex. Shopwykes Lakes in Chichester in Sussex. Larkbear in Barnstable in Devon and Victoria Heights in Exeter in Devon. So you can really see there's a vast amount, you know, coming to Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Dorset and Sussex and Devon too, so you know, across the whole of the south and Southwest and we're really proud of.
    Cheryl (16:37):
    Definitely, and if anyone was wondering, if you are looking for new home, we cover areas starting from the bottom in Cornwall and Devon, and we go right up to the Sussex, Surrey, Oxfordshire area. So if you're looking for a home there, we might have something for you.
    Cheryl (16:56):
    But anyway, thank you so much, Gem, for jumping on the podcast today for episode one.
    Gemma (17:02):
    Absolute pleasure. Thank you for inviting me along.
    Cheryl (17:03):
    It's been lovely having you and thank you to everyone for listening. This shared ownership thing podcast is brought to you by Aster sales and you can visit sales for more information.

  • Episode 2

    Cheryl (00:08):
    Hello, and welcome to this shared ownership thing podcast. Each month we sit down to discuss frequently, asked questions, share the incredible stories of our customers. And we dispel the myths and the rumors of shared ownership. My name's Cheryl and I'm a marketing officer at Aster sales, and this week I'm joined by a recent Aster home shared ownership buyer, Tiana Chadwick. In this episode, we're going to discuss Tiana's shared ownership journey and how she's getting on a year after moving in.
    Cheryl (00:44):
    Okay. So before we get started, let's learn a little bit more about yourself, Tiana. I have a few quick fire questions for our listeners to get to know you. Are you ready?
    Tiana (00:55):
    Cheryl (00:57):
    Let's start with, are you an early riser or do you love a lay-in and obviously I know you have your little Teddy, so I can assume it goes around that.
    Tiana (01:08):
    So I am an early riser, but I do prefer the lay in, whenever I get a chance I will lay in.
    Cheryl (01:17):
    How often do you get a chance?
    Tiana (01:17):
    Erm not very often.
    Cheryl (01:22):
    Bless you.
    Cheryl (01:26):
    Okay. Secondly, I'm going to hit you a little bit with all these questions, first tea or coffee. And what's your favourite brand and also what is your favourite coffee shop?
    Tiana (01:39):
    So I'm a coffee kind of girl. I love the Nescafe coffee. You know, the one in the powder form and I am a Starbucks girl.
    Cheryl (01:50):
    What is your go-to Starbucks order?
    Tiana (01:54):
    At the moment it's a pumpkin spice latte because it's that time of year but normally some kind of flavoured latte. That's my favourite.
    Cheryl (02:02):
    And do you go wild and have anything like a caramel syrup shot in there or?
    Tiana (02:08):
    Oh yeah, absolutely. Like there's always some kind of syrup in there.
    Cheryl (02:14):
    My kind of girl, okay. Lastly, are you a Netflix-er, and have you got a favourite series that you're watching or that you've just finished?
    Tiana (02:26):
    Yep. I am a Netflix-er, I'm watching the maid at the moment, which is pretty good. And I've also finished the Squid Games last week, which I absolutely loved.
    Cheryl (02:42):
    That was intense. Wasn't it Squid game?
    Tiana (02:44):
    Very intense. I wasn't expecting like the twist. I won't spoil it for anyone, but I wasn't expecting the twist at the end. Like you go through so many different emotions watching it.
    Cheryl (02:54):
    Yeah, very intense. Thank you for the answers.
    Cheryl (03:08):
    Okay. So for the listeners, we assume that you found this podcast as you're interested in shared ownership, and you want to find out more Tiana made the jump to shared ownership back in 2020. And for any listeners that may not know shared ownership is when you buy a share of a home and you pay rent on the remaining share that you don't yet own. This enables you to have a lower deposit and to get the home that you want for a price that you can afford, shared ownership isn't for everyone. However, it can really benefit some people. Tiana, why did you choose to go down the shared ownership route as opposed to renting or buying a home on the open market?
    Tiana (03:46):
    So we had been renting since I finished university really together. So we were just paying so much money into somebody else's mortgage and it was just really unaffordable to be able to save like a large deposit, to be able to buy on the open market, alongside renting. So we decided to go down the shared ownership route because of that reason mainly and I mean, shared ownership is not going to be for everyone, but for us it worked really well because obviously now we've got a family and we're paying some rent, which is nowhere near as much as what we were privately renting. And the rest of the money that we're paying every month is going into a mortgage. So that will forever help us in the future and it's not dead money. It's something that we actually own.
    Cheryl (04:36):
    Amazing. Yeah. It's so nice to hear how it's worked for you, because like you say, it won't work for everyone but there are people that shared ownership does definitely work for.
    Tiana (04:45):
    Oh yeah. A hundred percent. Absolutely.
    Cheryl (04:48):
    Another part shared ownership is staircasing. This is the term that she used to describe buying more shares in your home, buy more shares in your home means paying less rent. So by staircasing you'll own more shares of your home, you'll reduce your rent that you pay and you'll move forward on a journey to potentially owning a hundred percent of your home. If that's what you wish to do. All of our shared ownership homes can differ. So if we have anyone listening that would specifically like to discuss their staircasing options, just get in touch and we can help staircasing is a great opportunity. Is this something that you would potentially look into doing in the future Tiana? Does it interest you?
    Tiana (05:25):
    Oh yeah, a hundred percent. So we bought the highest amount that we could afford at the time, which is 25%. We were, our first initial plan was, well, let's see, cause we've got a fixed mortgage for five years and then we're going to re-mortgage. So we thought, well, let's just move into the house, give it the five years and see how we feel in it. We were hoping in that time that we had had another child because we bought a three bedroom, and then kind of see how we live in the home. I think that's the beauty of shared ownership, you can buy what you want to afford and you can kind of see how the home fits for you before you go into buying more, which we probably will be doing, but we'll just see how we get on, I guess, it's nice to have that option.
    Cheryl (06:18):
    Definitely. I love how, as you said, like you can sort of make shared ownership work for you. So yeah, that's really nice, if it wasn't for shared ownership, where do you think you would be now? Do you think you'd still be renting privately?
    Tiana (06:34):
    Yeah, a hundred percent. We wouldn't be in any kind of position to be able to buy our own house, especially with the last year because of Corona virus, the banks are, really pumping up how much deposit you have to put down to be able to get a more, which makes it even more harder. With Shared ownership you can put down just the 5%. So I don't think we would be able to afford the open market. We would still be renting and paying a lot of money, on rent.
    Cheryl (07:21):
    So obviously you moved into your home in 2020, wasn't it? So was that before COVID hit or was it during that you moved in?
    Tiana (07:29):
    It was during COVID. So we actually got the email from Sarah, to say that the house had been allocated to us the day that we went into lockdown, the first lockdown down. Yes. It was a very long process. It was very hard, but it was so worth it, so so worth it. I'm really glad that we had Sarah.
    Cheryl (07:56):
    You got there in the end.
    Tiana (07:58):
    Oh, we did. We did, we had to fight a bit, but we did.
    Cheryl (08:02):
    Bless you, I'm so glad. How did you find the process from making an inquiry to moving into your home, obviously taking into consideration that you done that during COVID? So it was quite long.
    Tiana (08:17):
    Yeah, it was long. It was very frustrating. And it was very hard, the banks completely shut down, so we couldn't kind of get our mortgage on board and but you guys were just amazing. Like you were there every step of the way, Sarah, I cannot praise Sarah enough for what she did for us. Like she was just always there. If I had a little bit of a wobble, which I had plenty of wobbles, always at the other end of the phone telling me, like reassuring me that yeah, it's hard but there's loads of people in the same position and we're going to do it and it's going to be fine and you're going to be moving into your home and the day that we actually got our keys, I felt like was a day that was never going to come and when it did, it just felt even more amazing that we had kind of achieved that together.
    Cheryl (09:08):
    That's amazing. I love that. I remember when I was in the process of buying my house and it was a new build. So they were like loads of delays and everything. And everyone keeps saying to you, oh, it will be so worth it on the day you get the keys and you're like, mm I'm not really sure right now, but then that day comes and it's just like, ah!
    Tiana (09:26):
    I'll do that stress all over again. For the same outcome.
    Cheryl (09:33):
    So obviously your Shared Ownership journey has worked well for you. Would you encourage others to think about shared ownership as a potential house buying route.
    Tiana (09:43):
    A hundred percent. I actually have already, there's a lady that I worked with who was quite intrigued with this shared ownership and she's bought her house through you guys as well. So I would always suggest it to somebody. I think it won't work for everyone like we've already said that, especially people that have families or are on their own and want to buy on their own. It's definitely such a good option.
    Cheryl (10:09):
    Love that. I love that you've, recommended it to a friend as well. That's awesome. You've now been living in your shared ownership home in Hampshire for a year. How has that year been and what do you love about the area that you've moved to?
    Tiana (10:25):
    It's been really good. I'm from Hampshire anyway. So is James but, we've lived outside of Hampshire and it just doesn't feel like home. If we're not here and we've obviously lived in rental properties and that didn't really feel like home either. So we feel really comfortable here. Our neighbors are really, really lovely, which really helps, our next door Neighbors got a child the same age as our little boy. That's really, really, really nice. And I just feel like part of the community it's really bizarre. I've never really felt like this before, and I guess we're just really happy. I'm really, really comfortable with, with our home. And it's always nice coming home, whereas before it kind of wasn't, I mean, it was awfully nice to come home, but it didn't feel like what it feels like now.
    Cheryl (11:20):
    That's really special. And I think it's amazing that shared ownership has helped do that for you. So that definitely says a lot. Obviously we all have our home accounts on Instagram. And do you have your account where you shared your shared ownership journey on there, are there any home inspo that you personally love and would recommend following if any of our listeners are starting their shared ownership journey or just need an account to follow for home inspiration?
    Tiana (11:52):
    Yeah, a hundred percent. So I follow, a few different accounts, a few different reasons. Well, I did find when I first started my, account on Instagram was that the shared ownership community it's huge on Instagram. There's a page called the Mulberry reach home. She and her partner actually bought through shared ownership and her account is amazing. Like they've just built a whole brand new media wall inside their shared ownership home. And it's incredible. I really highly recommend, she's also got two dogs that are very, very cute. They're big dogs, but they're very cute. And also I really love home by Laura. That's kind of an inspo page, she didn't buy through shared ownership, but she completely renovated our home, from something that was kind of needed a good load of work. And it's just beautiful. I love her house so much and she's also very, very lovely.
    Cheryl (12:54):
    Oh, definitely have to check those out. Thank you. Okay. So we've come to the end of our questions. Thank you so much for popping onto the This SO thing podcast it's been lovely having you on, and it's so lovely to hear about your shared ownership journey.
    Tiana (13:13):
    No worries. Thanks for having me.
    Cheryl (13:15):
    You are more than welcome!
    Cheryl (13:23):
    Okay. And finally we know how helpful it is to answer the questions that have been asked. And one question that has popped up recently is if I buy a shared ownership home, can I sell it if I want to move? And the answer is yes, we've had shared owners previously who have sold to move to a different area, for example, to be closer to family. And we've also had shared owners who have used shared ownership, kind of like a stepping stone and are now looking to sell as they're ready to buy on the open market. We have a dedicated resell team who will be there every step of the way to support you and answer your questions in regards to selling, we will also be having a lovely resell team member on the podcast soon. So if you have any questions, please feel free to just send them in for her. Or in the meantime, you can contact us on You can call us on 01380735480. Or you can message us on social media. You can find us under Aster Sales. Anyway, thank you everyone for listening. This shared ownership thing podcast is brought to you by Aster Sales, visit for more information.

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