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Secure garages and lock-up's to rent in Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

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Whether you’re wanting a garage to park your car, or simply require some additional storage space to secure your belongings, we provide a choice of garages and lockups available to hire across the South of England.

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Garage rental prices

Rental charges are calculated based on garage size, condition and location. Please note, if you are renting more than one garage, this may also affect your rental charge. 

Aster leaseholders pay less than private applicants because they are not liable to pay VAT. 

Garage charges are due weekly in advance on a Monday. Direct debit is our preferred method of payment. 

Band 2024/25 Tenant Charge per week
2024/25 Non-Tenant Charge per week (incl VAT)
A - Premium Garage
£24.71 £32.59
B - Standard Garage
£20.32 £26.83
C - Basic Garage
£15.98 £21.10

Please note rental charges increase annually from the first Monday in April of each year. If you rent a garage from us we'll write to you by the end of February to let you know how much the new charge will be.

Garages to rent near me

Our garage locations

We provide garages across Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. The interactive map below displays all the sites at which Aster has garages but does not necessarily indicate that garages may be available to let currently. You can view all our garage locations, or you can view locations in your area from list below.

If a garage is not available at your preferred site you will automatically be put on a waiting list.

You will need to specify one of the garage locations in your application.

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Somerset Dorset Hampshire Wiltshire

Apply for a garage

To apply for a garage, please complete our simple application form below.

Alternatively, you can apply in writing. To request a form for a written application, please email

Please note all applicants must be aged 18 or over.

Note: If you do not choose a garage from the garage locations list we are unable to process your application.

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Garage rental FAQs

Do I have to be an Aster customer to rent a garage?

The good news is that you do not have to be an Aster customer, anyone can rent a garage from us as long as you are over 18.

Will I be put on a waiting list?

Depending on availability in your area, we may be able to offer you a garage straightaway. However, in areas where demand is very high you will be added to a waiting list. Please do not contact garage officers to ask when a specific garage will become available as they will be unable to predict this.

Whilst garages are offered according to the length of time applicants have been waiting for a garage, we do give priority to registered disabled applicants.

How long can I rent my garage?

Generally you can keep your garage for as long as you need it, as long as you keep your licence fee payments up to date and keep to the terms of your licence agreement.

Will my garage have electricity?

No, Aster garages do not have electricity.

Who is responsible for the contents of my garage?

Anything you keep in the garage is your responsibility. You are responsible for insuring your own vehicle and personal possessions, together with any property stored in the garage.

We can't be certain that all our garages are watertight, so anything you store in the garage should be:

  • kept off the floor and covered with a waterproof sheet, or
  • kept in a waterproof box

How can I pay my garage licence fee?

Aster's preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit.

Garage charges are due on Monday of each week, and are payable weekly or monthly in advance. 

You will need to pay four weeks licence fees at the start of your new licence agreement.

Payments can be made at any Post Office using a payment card we'll provide at the start of the garage tenancy.

Payments can also be made over the phone by calling 0333 400 8244. To pay by telephone you'll need to hold a valid debit or credit card.

What happens if I fall behind on my payments?

Call us as soon as possible on 0333 400 8244 to discuss your account. Please note, if you are an Aster Customer and you fall into arrears, your garage licence agreement may be at risk.

What are garage licence fee arrears?

Aster will repossess a garage if your licence fee arrears rise to an unacceptable level or your account is in arrears for too long.

Unlike houses and flats, we don't have to apply to the courts for a Possession Order. Our policy is to repossess a garage as soon as the Notice to Quit is served, even if the money owed is then paid.

However, most arrears cases can be dealt with quickly and easily if you get in contact with us early enough. Ignoring the situation can only make matters worse.

Due to the low level of licence fee compared to the rent on a house or flat, some may regard garage licence fees as low priority. However we have a duty to recover all money owed to fund the services we provide.







What happens next?

Once you have completed our application form, our team will begin to process your application and carry out the required checks to confirm your eligibility. Once completed, we'll write to you and confirm your application has been approved. Please note this may take up to 10 working days.

Depending on availability in your area, we may be able to offer you a garage straightaway. However, in areas where demand is very high you will be added to a waiting list. If this happens, we will contact you in the future to let you know when a garage is available.

Once you are offered a garage, you'll need to sign a licence agreement with us. We also require four weeks rent in advance, paid by debit/credit card (we do not accept cash payments).

If you're not already an Aster customer, we may need you to show us some photo ID.

Giving up your garage

If you decide to give up your garage, you will need to give us two weeks’ notice either by letter, phone call or email to your local Garage officer, whose contact details are listed below. Alternatively, you can complete the online form.

Please note you will then be sent for legal reasons a Licence Termination notice to sign, date and return to Aster.

Before you return your keys please make sure that you have cleared the garage of all your belongings and swept it clear of any rubbish. If you do leave anything in the garage, we will charge you the cost of clearing and disposing of the items.

You need to return all the keys to the garage by no later than 5.00pm on the Tuesday after the notice runs out. The keys must be clearly labelled with the address of the garage.

All written communication and keys must be returned for the attention of your local garage officer at:

Aster Group
Sarsen Court
Horton Avenue
SN10 2AZ

Please include your garage officer's name in the address.

Emma Crudge
Emma Crudge

01264 405652

Email me
Donna Mosses
Donna Mosses

01380 735379

Email me
Alexandra Hudd
Alexandra Hudd

01749 832095

Email me
Jeremy Clay
Jeremy Clay

01929 558488

Email me

Need to report a repair?

If your garage needs a repair, you can report this through your online customer account, using the button below. 

Alternatively, you can report a repair by phone to our Contact Centre on 0333 400 8222.  For emergency, Out of Hours repairs call 0845 050 0568. 

Please note, losing your garage keys will not be treated as an emergency. Make sure you always have a spare key at home. 

Garage repairs are normally carried out within 28 days of being reported.

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