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Estate services

We provide external and environmental services across our properties in partnership with our subcontractor and supplier partners.

These services are focused on creating pleasant, safe and well-kept places for our customers to live.

If you have any questions about these services, please contact us on 0333 400 8222 and ask to speak to a member of our estate services team.


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Grounds maintenance areas

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An overview of what you can expect

We will carry out twenty-five visits throughout the year

Grass will be cut and collected 17 times each year, on average once every two weeks between March and October. Where bulbs, like daffodils and crocuses, are planted within the grassed area, it will not be cut until they have flowered and died down naturally.

Hard surfaces, like footpaths, garage forecourts, parking spaces, gravelled and drying areas, will be litter picked, swept of debris and leaves cleared. Weeds and moss will be tackled regularly.

Shrub and herbaceous borders will be kept free from litter, debris and weeds.

Pruning will follow good horticultural practice. We will keep pathways clear from overgrowing plants.

Hedges will not be pruned and maintained between May and early July to avoid birds nesting.

Pruning base growth and tree branches below two metres over hanging pathways.

Ditches and drainage channels will be inspected at least monthly to ensure the free flow of water, and any major obstacles removed. All channels will be trimmed and cleared at least once each year.

Annual pressure washing hard surfaces at our independent living schemes.

Please note that very wet or very hot weather may mean we need to vary the service.

Yes – Some areas of East Dorset have some services carried out by directly by the council

The standard of service is set and paid for by Dorset Council. This is different to the service received by customers in other areas.

We will continue to top-up the service by maintaining hard surface areas if you live in one of these areas.

Customers in East Dorset currently receive the following service:

Grass will be cut (but not collected) seven times a year between April and September by the council.

Cuttings will be swept and cleared from surrounding hard surfaces, and obstacles will be trimmed.

Shrubs and hedges will be pruned once between July and November. Further hedge reduction and repair works will be carried out between November and February.

We will visit 25 times a year and maintain footpaths and alleyways, garage forecourts, parking spaces, gravelled and drying areas. Litter will be picked, and debris and leaves cleared.

Weeds and moss will be tackled at least eight times a year.

If you have a question or query about council’s service you can contact them through either email -

or through the customer services contact telephone number 01305 221000.

Click on the links below to find out when you'll next be visited by our grounds maintenance team. Simply put your postcode into our contractors search page to get a live update. You will see the last completed visit date and planned date range for the next visit. Please note, weather conditions will affect some services so we cannot guarantee exact dates.

Hampshire – Ground Control

Wiltshire  – Glendale Landscapes

Somerset – Glendale Landscapes

Dorset West  – Glendale Landscapes

East Dorset – Glendale Landscapes or Dorset Council

Devon and Cornwall – Glendale Landscapes

Estate services include:

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We are responsible for making sure that any gas and electrical installations in your rented property are safe. This includes an annual gas check that must be carried out by an engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register.

Your Gas Safety Certificate lets you know that a fully qualified gas technician has inspected and checked all your gas connections, pipes and any appliances. The check will also see if there are any gas leaks, or if there is carbon monoxide leaking into the property. We have to carry out a gas safety check every year by law. We also carry out a gas safety check every time the property becomes empty. It’s very important that you let us into the property to carry out this check.

Your Electric Safety Certificate shows you that any wiring, sockets and installations are safe and legal. The check includes looking at the electrics as well as testing them to make sure they’re safe. We carry out an electrical safety inspection every time a property becomes empty, so we can be sure your new home is safe for you to live in.