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10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Many people know someone who has Alzheimer’s disease and have experienced how this can affect both the individual and the family. Others may be unaware of the early signs of the disease, but here are ten warning signs to watch out for if you are concerned about a loved one. {...}

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Adapting Your Home for an Elderly Relative

Elderly relatives moving in with family members is an increasingly popular option in the UK - it allows the individual to remain in a familiar environment and ensures relatives can help with any day-to-day issues. But what adaptations might need to be made to the home to keep them safe? {...}

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The Top 3 Medical Alert Systems of 2016

Alarm systems and telecare alarms have been developed that can offer reassuring assistance if an elderly person living alone experiences a fall or needs emergency help. What are the best medical alert systems of 2016? {...}

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