The Ways Telecare Can Benefit Elderly Sufferers Of Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Depression and anxiety disorders can be debilitating and interfere with an individual’s capacity to lead a normal life and complete daily tasks. Telecare services can provide help and support at times of great need without people having to leave the home or to travel to an unfamiliar place, which may enhance already difficult symptoms.

Anxiety Disorders

For people suffering from anxiety disorders, feelings of fear and worry are overwhelming. There are many different anxiety disorders, each with a unique set of characteristics, but all of them require efficient access to the correct support.

Panic Disorder

Feelings of terror that appear abruptly, recurrently and with no warning are a classic symptom of panic disorder. Palpitations, sweating, chest pain and feeling as though you are choking are further symptoms. Many sufferers say that it feels like they’re having a heart attack when panic is at its most heightened.

Social Anxiety Disorder

We all experience feelings of worry at some point in our lives, but for individuals with social anxiety disorder those feelings occur during everyday social situations and are overwhelming. Sufferers may have a heightened fear of being judged or making a mistake that might lead to an embarrassing situation, which can lead to their avoiding social situations altogether.


Phobias are intense and excessive feelings of fear focused on something in particular, such as heights or flying. This can lead to a deliberate avoidance of everyday situations. You may have a fear of flying and find it easy to avoid aeroplanes without its affecting your quality of life. However, if your fear is stepping outside your home, this can lead to a multitude of other issues, including isolation and depression.


Like anxiety disorders, depression can come in many forms and affect each individual differently. Mild depression can result in a low mood, with even the simplest everyday tasks, such as getting up and dressed, feeling overwhelming. Severe depression can induce feelings of extreme hopelessness and lead to self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Symptoms of depression can include feeling helpless or worthless, experiencing difficulty in sleeping or sleeping too much and losing all interest in hobbies or activities that once brought happiness and pleasure. Rather than focusing on emotional symptoms of depression, older adults may emphasise physical symptoms. Memory issues, fatigue, headaches and otherwise unexplained aches or discomfort may be symptoms of depression. Older adults may also neglect to take vital medication, which can be a critical issue because depression can occur alongside other medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s.

Benefits of Telecare

Telecare can provide a vital link to the outside world without the individual having to venture outside their home, which may be one of the few places they feel safe. Pendant alarms can be pressed when an individual needs help, and they will have the reassurance that someone will be there to ensure they get the correct support they need. The simple action of pressing a button can encourage elderly sufferers to seek support at an early stage. Efficient support can make an enormous difference. These services can therefore greatly improve both quality of life and safety for elderly sufferers because that level of reassurance and security is always there when they need it.