Financial performance

Annual report and accounts

The Aster Group is a financially stable and robust business which is reflected in our A+ credit rating from Standard & Poor’s. Our business performance is underpinned by strong financial and operational management, a disciplined approach to acquisitions and the talent and contributions of our people. Click on a link below to view our recent financial performance.


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Customer Annual Report

Our customer annual report is designed to give you an overview of our performance on areas that matter to you. We’ve included an update on what we’re doing to support our customers and local communities as well as statistics on repairs and anti-social behaviour.

Previous customer reports



Economic Impact Report

Because we sit at the heart of society, we believe it’s important to measure our impact in as tangible a way as possible to understand our business, ensure our strategy is relevant, help us make positive contributions to society and fulfil our business objectives.

To calculate the true economic impact of our activities, market analysis consultant, Development Economics Ltd, has reviewed our work during the financial year 2017/18 to measure the success of our strategy to build new homes and provide vital services to our communities.


Shared ownership report

Aster Group has released 'Another Way: Helping shared ownership thrive', our second specially commissioned YouGov report in to shared ownership.  You can see more here:

Download 2018 report

download 2017 report

Bridging The Gap

Gender Pay Gap Report

We are serious about making Aster Group a great place to work. 

Right at the heart of that is a belief that a person’s ability to do their job is what is important, not their gender, age, sexuality or any other personal factor. 

We are determined that this will be reflected at all points in the employee journey, from recruitment, internal promotion and opportunities to learn, to how much we pay our people for the work they do.

We firmly believe in creating a culture that allows us to attract, retain and support each and every one of our colleagues and we will work hard to ensure that we provide an environment that is fair and inclusive.

Download our latest report and our key facts infographics to see the average pay gap in Aster between men and women, expressed as both a mean and a median average.

Value for Money

We strive to achieve real value for money for our customers, lenders and communities. How we are making the most of every pound we spend is explained in our annual Aster Group Value for Money Self Assessment reports.