New Community Hub for customers

We’ve just launched a new online Community Hub where customers can let us know about any issues they have with communal cleaning, grounds maintenance or problems with graffiti, littering or parking on their estate or neighbourhood quickly and easily.

This is different from using ‘My Account’ or calling the contact centre as it allows them to report issues relating to their community rather than repairs or problems with their property.

When customers visit the Community Hub they will need to select either; communal cleaning, grounds maintenance or your neighbourhood, and they will then be directed to a form where they can log their concerns.

In the past, these kinds of problems were reported by our customer community reps who would let us know about issues in the local area.

Unfortunately, not all areas had a rep, and this meant that some problems weren’t always reported when they happened.

With help from our community reps we have created the Community Hub, where customers can report issues as soon as they spot them.

Through the Community Hub we will be able to send the information to the right team and get the problem sorted out more quickly.

This demonstrates another step towards our digital transformation and making self-service the norm for customers and simplifying and streamlining ways in which customers can get in touch.

Take a look around the Community Hub.

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