Responding to the Social Housing White Paper

Emma O’Shea, group customer services director, said:

“Customers must be at the heart of everything we do as an industry and housing associations are rightly being pushed by the government to ensure they look after the people living in their homes. This has become even more important amid the current challenges facing the country.

“For us, it’s about delivering safe and reliable services, focused on quality and putting the customer at the centre of our approach. This means using data to underpin service design and delivery and creating more opportunities for customers to feedback on what’s important to them. In the last 12 months alone, we’ve made 16 changes to the way we deliver services as a direct result of customer feedback, made over 10,000 wellbeing calls and continue to see our involved customer groups play an integral part in deciding how we do things.

“The way the sector has responded throughout Covid-19 has been exceptional and this experience makes us better placed to embrace the increased scrutiny proposed in the social housing white paper. The really important thing is ensuring the sector doesn’t regress into old ways of doing things once Covid-19 risks begin to subside.” 

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