Our new identity as Aster Group

From today (1 April), our identity is changing and we will be known simply as Aster Group.

We will no longer be referring to ourselves as Aster Communities, Synergy Housing, Aster Property, Aster Living or Aster Homes and we will use a new Aster Group logo, which is pictured above. You may still see old branding and business names on our uniforms and company vehicles while we make this transition, but those will gradually disappear.

This will also mean some changes to our existing websites. From the end of this month, our existing websites will be closed and will redirect to the new site at www.aster.co.uk. If you are looking to buy a home from us, you will be redirected to our separate sales website.

The new site will combine information from our five current company websites in one place and will have dedicated areas for our customers, partners, the media and our investors.

These changes support our strategy of being one business united under one vision, which is for everyone to have a home. We believe that, by having one single identity, we will be in a much better position to meet the demand for high-quality new housing of all types.

It also means that we will no longer have to maintain six different business brands and websites, creating additional funding that will be reinvested to build new homes.

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