East Boro Housing Trust to join Aster Group

East Boro Housing Trust and Aster Group have today announced the intention to create a new partnership.

As East Boro Housing Trust, the Dorset based Supported Social Housing Provider, approaches its 60th year, plans are being made for the next chapter of its long-term future. 

To enable the business to continue to be a progressive small housing association, East Boro is exploring the opportunity of a partnership with Aster, which would result in them joining the Aster Group business as a subsidiary entity, whilst maintaining the brand, heritage and history that make the business so valuable to its customers and colleagues.

The new partnership would create:

     - Greater capacity and capability to boost the delivery of new homes and drive further investment in the local communities in which both businesses operate

     - A competitive and strong offer for colleagues

     - An enhanced customer experience, ensuring customer service is at the heart of every decision 

East Boro would keep its Board, employees, housing stock and all of its tenants and customers would remain. It would continue to provide housing, care and support to vulnerable adults and families throughout Dorset, with the support of a business providing homes and services across the South of England.

Kevin Hodder, CEO at East Boro Housing Trust, added: “The aim of this new partnership is to play to the strengths of both organisations, creating a partnership that is centred on a local focus, supported by a multi-regional infrastructure.

“East Boro’s brand and ethos would remain and thrive. While customers and colleagues wouldn’t see any immediate changes, the long-term improvements in their experience will be significant.

“Together we would be able to further invest in enhancing digital services, innovation and new technologies along with providing our colleagues with a wider range of development opportunities.”

Bjorn Howard, Group CEO of Aster Group, said: “We’re entering a crucial period for housing and the need for good-quality, affordable homes of all tenures has rarely been greater.

“By working together, our expertise, assets, ambition and combined portfolio would put us in an even stronger position to deliver more homes and become even more resilient to a changing economic environment.”

The partnership will enable both businesses to offer their existing partners and stakeholders more in the future. The partnership would create opportunities to support other small housing associations, something that East Boro has a proud tradition in doing, and the capacity and influence created through the partnership will strengthen this.

East Boro’s Chairman, Eileen Hayward said “As a self-managed part of the Aster Group, East Boro would be able to provide more homes, more services and invest into the communities in which we operate at a substantially greater level than we would have been able to do on our own. 

“This step would enable East Boro to do more of what it was originally formed to do and has done for the past 60 years. 

 “East Boro would remain as East Boro, but as part of the Aster Group, with significant benefits for the next long-term chapter of its life.”

The opportunity is subject to EBHT consultation and this will run from 25 November 2019 to 11 January 2020 and pending feedback, the aim is for EBHT to become part of the Aster Group on 31 March 2020.

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