Amy Nettleton responds to the latest government announcement regarding shared ownership

Amy Nettleton, assistant development director - sales and marketing at Aster Group, which has 2,489 shared ownership homes in its portfolio, said:

“For many years, the housing sector has called for shared ownership to receive more attention from ministers as a potential solution for those trapped in insecure rent but unable to buy outright, so we should certainly welcome this consultation and its ambition to improve the product. 

“Even those of us who believe passionately in shared ownership understand it’s not perfect and we should explore ways of improving it, such as simplifying the staircasing process. We know from our own research that a lack of awareness and misunderstanding are also holding it back, so focusing attention on how shared ownership works and who can benefit will be just as important as adjustments to the model itself.

“It’s heartening to see the government recognise shared ownership’s place in the national housing debate. We stand ready to do what we can to support the consultation.”

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