A spotlight on Shared Ownership

At the end of September we celebrated Shared Ownership week by shining a spotlight on some of our shared ownership customers. 
Using the scheme, Julie and her partner bought a 40% share of their two bedroom end terraced house in Surrey back in March last year. 
We asked her a few questions about why she chose shared ownership: 

What was your situation before? We were privately renting before. We found that with shared ownership the monthly costs when we combined our mortgage and rent together wasn’t hugely different to renting on the private market. 

What made you look into shared ownership? There was no way we would’ve been able to afford to buy on the open market, shared ownership was a more affordable way for us. We started looking at Help to Buy and shared ownership came up, so we decided to look into this avenue further. 

Has going through the process made you clearer on what shared ownership is? We’ve found it so easy; we didn’t know anything about shared ownership as it was completely new to us, but everything was explained clearly as we went along. 

What would you say shared ownership has enabled you to do that wasn’t possible through other routes? I don’t think we could have gone into home ownership any other way 
really. It’s given us the option we needed to buy our own home.

If you would like more information on shared ownership, you can visit our website.

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