My experience as an apprentice by Flo Tomlinson

I joined Aster at the start of September 2020 as a Growth and Assurance apprentice in the Business Support Team. At the time I was working in my local farm shop so I was extremely nervous about starting a new job and especially finding out I would have to be working from home because of COVID-19 restrictions and not an office.

In the best way possible, working from home meant I was thrown into the deep end which enabled me to pick up tasks quickly and gain confidence and independence in my role. I was so worried about being treated differently due to my age and lack of experience, but my team were AMAZING. Never have I met a group of people who were so open to helping me learn and grow to find my own spot within the team. It was great!

To go from the nervous girl, I was back in September 2020 to the confident and independent young adult in January 2022 is crazy. I am so grateful to the team for really supporting me through my apprenticeship, helping me learn and grow into a proud Aster employee. I am towards the end of my apprenticeship and have been offered a permanent spot in the team! This past year has been a real challenge, but I have loved it and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.