Why Back Pain and Injury Sufferers Can Benefit From Using Telecare

A recent article has shown that individuals suffering from back problems benefit greatly from having access to telecare services. Private telecare services, such as those offered by Aster, are able to offer support, reassurance and advice to anyone suffering with back pain. The back is made up of joints, bones, muscles and nerves, which makes it one of the most complex parts of the human body. When an individual begins experiencing back pain, it can therefore often be difficult to find the precise cause of the pain. This can be particularly debilitating and, as such, receiving quality support is vital.

Back Pain from Everyday Activities

In the majority of cases, back pain is caused or triggered by everyday activities. Injury can be caused by a one-off accident, such as awkwardly twisting whilst engaging in sport. Injury can also gradually develop over a period of time, such as if you are consistently sitting in a slouched position or repeatedly bending and stretching.

A Slipped Disc and Sciatica

A slipped disc occurs when damage is caused to a disc in the spine, which then puts pressure on the nerves. Sciatica is a specific condition resulting from pressure being put on the sciatic nerve. Lower back pain, numbness or tingling sensations that can be felt down one leg are all symptoms of these injuries.


Caused by a sudden impact, such as those experienced when in a car accident, whiplash occurs when ligaments in the neck have been over-stretched and have ultimately suffered a sprain. Neck pain, back pain, headaches and stiffness are all common symptoms. Less common symptoms include vertigo, muscle spasms and dizziness, which can greatly affect daily life.

Frozen Shoulder

Inflammation and pain around the shoulder can make it particularly difficult to complete everyday tasks. In the early stages, the shoulder will ache and will become particularly painful when reaching out or picking things up. Stiffness will increase and, as such, some muscles may begin to waste away. Even as movement is gradually regained, getting bathed and dressed can still be a problem, along with other otherwise simple tasks such as sleeping and driving.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

An individual suffering from this condition will experience pain in the lower back where the spine and the pelvis meet. In some cases, some of the individual bones in the spine can fuse together, making movement difficult and painful. Back pain can severely impact an individual’s mobility and, as such, having easy access to personal alarms if anything were to happen can provide an added level of security and reassurance. Knowing that someone will be on hand to ensure that everything is alright or provide assistance if required allows individuals to stay in their own homes - an environment in which they are both comfortable and familiar. Telecare services, such as those offered by Aster telecare, are easy to use and cost-effective. Pendant alarms are non-intrusive and are always there if the need for them ever arises. The phone services mean that there is always someone available who will be able to offer support and provide advice and reassurance. Back pain can be extremely debilitating, so having a quality support system in place is essential.