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The benefits of telecare to hospitals

The problem of bed blocking is one we hear about only too frequently, here we look at how telecare could help people to stay safer in their own homes and to alert professionals quicker in the event of an emergency. {...}

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Reduce the risk of a fall

It is an unfortunate fact that as we get older we become more prone to slips, trips and falls within the home and garden. Our carelines will be called automatically by the equipment once it detects that a customer hasn’t moved for some time or has fallen. {...}

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Tourism is for Everybody

A new campaign has been launched in a bid to make holidays and day trips easier and more accessible for the millions of disabled people who live in Britain. The Tourism Is for Everybody campaign aims to promote a better understanding of the needs of disabled people amongst those working in the travel and tourism industry. {...}

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Helping You Manage Your Medication

In old age, many of us rely on medication to get us through the day and help us manage any number of health problems. Sometimes getting the correct dosage is difficult - forget to take your tablets and you may suffer, but accidentally take too many, and you could become very ill. {...}

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10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Many people know someone who has Alzheimer’s disease and have experienced how this can affect both the individual and the family. Others may be unaware of the early signs of the disease, but here are ten warning signs to watch out for if you are concerned about a loved one. {...}

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