New recharge procedure to launch

It is Aster’s vision that everyone has a home. To help us achieve this, we have looked closely at ways to use our resources more efficiently. As part of this, we will soon be launching a new recharge procedure which has already been successfully piloted in a number of locations.

We will recharge you for any damage caused to your property. When your tenancy ends, we will inspect your home. If we find any damage, it will be your responsibility to put it right, in line with your tenancy agreement.

We will offer you two options – you can either to arrange for the repairs to be carried out and pay for them, or ask us to complete the work, which you will then be charged for. You can choose to pay us in full, or agree a repayment plan. Any work must be completed in 28 days.

In addition, if you ask us to carry out a repair outside our normal office hours, and it turns out not to be an emergency situation, we may also need to charge you for this.

We believe these changes will allow us to provide a more efficient and cost effective service for everyone and ensure we can continue to develop much-needed new homes.

For more information about the new recharge procedure, please email

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