Local employer works with British Menopause Society to go above and beyond for women experiencing menopause

Local housing association Aster Group has featured in a new programme produced in association with the British Menopause Society (BMS) and ITN Productions Industry News, to shine a spotlight on the impact menopausal symptoms has on women’s health and careers.

Menopause: The Change is Here, which was launched on World Menopause Day (Monday 18 October), includes interviews with three Aster colleagues talking about the value they’ve seen since being awarded a ‘Menopause Friendly Employer’ accreditation.

Julie Cridland, Aster employee experience lead was joined in the programme by Tina Trotter, Aster project manager, and Daran Bailey, Aster wellness and resilience lead.

Julie said: “‘We’re so proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to this film. It shows why supporting women through menopause in the workplace is so vital. We should be doing all we can as employers to support women to continue their careers and retain their talent and experience.”

Perimenopause and menopause symptoms come in many different forms, forcing an alarming percentage of women to leave their careers due to the physical and mental effects on wellbeing. For so long, stigma has surrounded the menopause, leaving women feeling under-represented and ashamed but now with individuals, health professionals and businesses speaking out and supporting women, change is here.

Sara Moger, CEO of British Menopause Society,said: “Menopause is a major life event that can affect women in a variety of ways. The menopause marks the end of the reproductive life cycle and its impact can be both short and long term. The British Menopause Society believes that all women should have access to accurate information and be able to seek advice on how to optimise their menopause transition and the years beyond. Management should also be individualised to the needs of each woman rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach”

In a further move to support its colleagues, Aster Group has also taken the Menopause at Work Pledge created by women’s health charity, Wellbeing of Women. The Pledge encourages all employers, regardless of where they are in the journey, to commit to supporting their employees on menopause, whether it is affecting them directly, members of their teams, family members or friends.

Menopause: The Change is Here is anchored by journalist and news presenter Louise Minchin. The programme also, shows viewers how to access good advice, recognise the diverse symptoms, understand more about the importance of managing hormone health and explore the treatment options available. their also looks at the vital work being done by a number of leading organisations, including Aster to ensure women are supported in the workplace, highlighting the new approaches to changes in workplace policy and education.

Menopause-The Change is Here is available on demand here.

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