Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

If you experience Anti-Social Behaviour, (ASB) we know it can have a huge impact on your life which is why we have a dedicated team to help tackle ASB in your community.

We work with the police, local councils, environmental health and other support services to help customers every day. Earlier in the year our team answered some of your questions about ASB. You can hear what they said here:

If you experience any of the below, our ASB team are able to support you:

  • noisy and/or abusive neighbours
  • acts of violence
  • vandalism
  • intimidation
  • drunken, abusive behaviour
  • stalking
  • drug use and dealing including county lines
  • hate crimes
  • domestic abuse.

We’ll always do our best to help you if you’re having problems, however we might not be able to resolve everything. Below are a few examples of things that might happen in your neighbourhood that are not ASB issues:

  • one-off parties and BBQs
  • infrequent and occasional noise or disturbances
  • children playing
  • barking dogs
  • excessive noise from domestic appliances, such as washing machines or vacuum cleaners
  • minor vehicle repairs
  • gossiping or staring
  • disputes regarding boundaries or car parking spaces.

Some ASB issues may also be crimes. Please contact the police if you experience any of these:

  • hearing violent outbursts
  • nuisance from street drinking
  • inappropriate use of public spaces
  • vandalism
  • harassment (all malicious communication and any other anti-social behaviour specifically targeted at an individual)
  • drug dealing and/or substance misuse
  • misuse of fireworks – endangering the safety of others
  • hoax calls to the emergency services
  • prostitution and using premises for prostitution
  • riding motorbikes on public footpaths
  • trespassing on land or property
  • car and motorcycle nuisance – revving engines, racing, or wheel spinning.

To find out more please contact asb@aster.co.uk.

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