Our colleagues go the extra mile

Our West Dorset Neighbourhood team recently helped a couple after a fire broke out in their home. 

The couple’s washing machine caught fire whilst they were having a day out in July. Luckily the kitchen door was shut, which stopped the fire from spreading, but the kitchen suffered major damage. 

A Neighbourhood Officer visited the couple on the day of the fire and spoke to them about the clean-up process. She visited again a few days later to check how they were and quickly realised they were struggling with what had happened. 

The Neighbourhood team agreed to help the couple and got stuck in, putting on their rubber gloves and starting the clean-up process. 

With the team’s help, the couple were able to clean up the destruction left by the fire and the kitchen can now be restored. 

It’s scary to think that a fire could break out in your home, so why not take a couple of minutes to remind yourself of some basic fire safety tips.   

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