MyAster – a one stop shop

MyAster Live chat is there for a variety of your needs. Here’s just a few ways that the portal can help you at home:

Log communal repairs - Using MyAster you can log and book repairs at a day and time that suits you.  

Change appointments on the day – we know that sometimes things crop up and you might need to make a change to your appointment with us – let us know via Live chat.

Request permission to have a pet – On most occasions we can give you an instant answer to your request. Over 65% of customers who have used this so far, have received an automatic approval. 

Access debt management advice - Find useful information about debt management or help with universal credit on our My Money page. There’s also a money advice tool to see if you’re entitled to any benefits and offers, help and advice with how to apply. 

Spotted something in your neighbourhood we need to know about? Visit My Neighbourhood to get in touch and let us know.

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