Making home alterations

If you plan to make any changes to your home, remember that you’ll need to let us know before you start any work. You can make small changes, like putting up shelves or decorating but we just need to know what you have planned, to make sure it is safe. 

You might need permission for some bigger changes. For example, if you change any electrics, we may send one of our electricians to make sure everything has been carried out safely for you. 

If any damage is caused or we ask you to reinstate the original fixtures and fittings, you’ll need to pay for this. It might also affect a mutual exchange request if changes are carried out without having permission as things might need to be reinstated before a mutual exchange can happen. 

You can let us know through MyAster, or by calling our Contact Centre on 0333 400 8222. You can also send a message to your housing officer, who will let you know if the request can be approved. 

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