Help with the unexpected

Sometimes unexpected problems can happen in your home, like a flood or major leak, and being prepared can help you cope with the issue.

We’ll always work with you to repair any damage inside your home, however we don’t cover damage caused to your personal belongings. One way to protect against unexpected issues is by making sure you’ve got contents insurance for your possessions.

Contents insurance is not as expensive as you might think. It can start from as little as just £1.99 a month and can provide several thousands of pounds worth of protection if the worst were to happen. It covers a wide range of items from electrical goods like your TV, to essentials like clothing, curtains and bedding.

Our complaints team has recently dealt with lots of queries about damage caused to belongings following a major issue in their home, and as a result we’ll be doing more to share the benefits of having contents insurance to help you have the best protection against unexpected events.

We can put you in touch with our preferred contents insurer Thistle, who is also the National Housing Federation’s preferred supplier of tenant insurance. Find out more here.

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