Guarding against excessive condensation this winter

As well as heating your home, simple steps can be taken to guard against excessive condensation, which could lead to mould over the cold winter months. If possible, dry your washing outside when you can. 

If you have to dry your washing inside, use a clothes airier and keep the door closed and window open. Make sure rooms are well ventilated and keep vents on UPVC windows open or open your windows briefly each day. 

Using extractor fans when bathing or cooking can prevent condensation building up and keeping your home at a constant warm temperature will also help.

Mould and condensation are suprisingly common, and providing issues are tackled early, most are easy to resolve. However, if you notice dark or discoloured patches on the walls or ceiling, with a visible 'tide mark', this could be a sign of damp which may require more serious action.

For more information visit the Centre of Sustainable Energy website or visit our Advice Hub. Our comprehensive condensation and mould guide also provides helpful tips on how to reduce mould and condensation in your home.

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