what they are and why you have to pay them

Some tenancies will have service charges included in the rent. Others will have separate service charges that are charged at the same time as the rent. Both the rent and any service charge must be paid on the day it is due.

Service charges cover a wide range of items that relate to specific properties. Service charges could be set for things like lift maintenance, communal area cleaning, sewerage charges and external maintenance works. Not everyone will have service charges; it will depend on your property. Details about your service charges can be found in your tenancy agreement, updated with letters and notices that we may have issued since the tenancy started.

You must pay your service charges just like your rent. We do not collect these separately and expect our customers to pay their full rent and full service charge together on the day it is due. Failure to do so will result in similar recovery actions we would take if you did not pay your rent.