Service charges


Our service charges

As a Leaseholder/Shared Owner it is your responsibility to pay an annual Service Charge for the services you receive from Aster. Your charges will vary depending on what services you receive and each year we will estimate these again for you to what we think the costs will be for providing these services.

How it works

After the year we work out the actual costs and send you a statement showing how this compares to the previous estimate. Depending on your lease we will either ask you to the pay difference at the time or carry this over, so it is paid with future charge. Similarly, if it is lower we will carry this over and deduct the charge for the following year or refund you.

The date your charge will be effective from will be found within your lease. We will let you know the estimated charge for the year ahead, at least one month before the charge changes. 

A statement will then be sent six months later at the end of the financial year, letting you know how much we have spent on services provided to you.

Sometimes a management company may provide services. When a management company is involved, we tend to pay their invoice and then pass this cost on to you. This is under either ‘Third Party Service Charge Managing Agent Fee’ or ‘estate management cost’ on your Service Charges statement. Please see your lease for further information.

Here are some examples of

Possible service charges

Below are examples of some Service Charges which could be shown on your statement. If you have any queries relating to your service charges please contact the Service Charges team on 0333 400 8231.

  • Insurance
  • Cyclical Maintenance and Major Works
  • Electrical Maintenance (the repairs servicing, and maintenance throughout communal and shared areas)
  • General Cleaning (any general cleaning of the communal areas, provision of an external company for pest control and unblocking guttering).
  • Sometimes window cleaning and a reactive charge is included.
  • Repairs (any repairs to the structure of your building, the shared areas, or any private roads)
  • Sewerage/environmental charge
  • Utilities (heating and electricity in communal areas and external lighting)
  • Water
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Management costs (the cost of the preparation and sending out your Service Charges as well as the work involved collecting information to show your overall costs)
  • Service contracts (cost of any service contracts we may need to use external companies for)
  • Sinking fund (this is used to collect money to be used for planned works over the coming years)

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