Your service charges

In a couple of months you’ll receive a service charge statement from us for the financial year 1 April 2020 – 31 March 2021. This statement will compare what you paid during that period against what it cost us to deliver these services to you.

A service charge is a payment made to cover the cost of providing and maintaining services like communal repairs, maintenance, improvements, insurance and management costs in and around your home.

Over the last year we’ve had to adapt to the restrictions put in place by government due to the pandemic, but we’re pleased to have been able to maintain most of our services to you during this time.

Of course, we’ve had to change how we provide some services, for example as more people spent time at home and focused on decluttering, we’ve had to respond to more fly tipping issues. Our teams have made sure that rubbish is cleared away and reported to the council where possible.

We’ve also made sure that important communal cleaning services have continued and introduced new protective measures to allow our people to do this safely. These changes might mean that you need to pay us a bit more to cover your service charges, or that we’ll be paying some back to you.  

If you have any questions when you get your letter, please speak to our service charge team on 0333 400 8222.

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