Working parents – check if you’re entitled to Universal Credit

Many people think that if they work, they can’t access any financial help from the benefits system. However, some families could be missing out on money each month that they could claim for.

As an example, this family were struggling to make ends meet, but because both adults work and earn reasonable wages, they assumed they would not be entitled to any help:

Mr S and Miss J live together with their two children in a three-bedroom house. Their children are aged 6 and 12.

Their take home wages total £3,000 between them each month. They pay £180 rent every week.

They have no savings and currently only receive child benefit on top of their wages.

By running a simple benefit check on our Money Advice Tool, they can see that by claiming Universal Credit, they would be £501 better off each month.

If you think you might be better off, use our Money Advice Tool to find out.

If you want any help with using the tool, please fill in what you can and then press the “Send to Advisor” button. Please add your address to the subject box section that pops up after you press “Send to Advisor”.

Find our Money Advice Tool on our website.

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