What to do if you’re not happy with our service

We deliver safe, reliable and modern services to our customers, and although we do our best, sometimes things don’t go quite to plan. If this happens, we’d like to know so we can put matters right and learn from any mistakes.

Usually, the best people to put matters right are the team responsible for delivering the service to you.  If you make a complaint, the first thing we will do, where appropriate, is try and resolve your complaint by asking that team to contact you and see if they can achieve an early resolution.

If that’s not possible, we’ll deal with your complaint formally and send you a written response detailing what we can do. Our complaints process is designed to be easy to use, fair and to put things right.

We are members of the Housing Ombudsman scheme, and we are committed to the Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code. The code sets out good practice to allow us to investigate complaints fairly.  The Ombudsman has recently updated the code and we’ve completed a self-assessment to make sure we’re in line with the changes. The self-assessment and our complaints process can be found here.

The Housing Ombudsman Service is set up by law to look at complaints about housing organisations and their service is free, independent and impartial. The Housing Ombudsman will ask you to report complaints to us first, so we can try and address things through our own complaints process. If you are having difficulty in reporting a complaint or are unhappy with the complaints service you’re receiving the Ombudsman can assist you and Aster to resolve your concerns.  

The Ombudsman can be contacted  via their website.

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