Planning for potential power outages

The National Grid provides the energy that heats and runs our homes. Over the last few months, some warnings have been made that power outages might happen at certain times over the first few months in 2023, most likely on a region by region basis.

At the moment, nothing has been confirmed, and the Government has previously stated its confidence in securing winter power supplies. However, to help you be prepared as possible, here are a few steps you can take if power outages do happen in your area.

What might happen

The National Grid might implement planned regional power cuts between 4-7pm on certain days during January and February 2023.

It is possible that people in the affected region will get very little notice, perhaps as late as the morning where the power outage may occur that afternoon.

Our Service

Our contact centre would continue to provide emergency support to people who need to report an emergency.

Our service would be reduced and to make sure we can support those customers with vulnerabilities, please only contact us in an emergency during these periods. We would rearrange any appointments that are planned to happen during power outages and reschedule them for a time that will suit you.

Preparing yourself and planning ahead

There are things that you can do to plan ahead of a potential power outage.

Here are some tips for you:

• Monitor for news of a power cut in your area.There would likely be regular updates provided by reputable online news services

• Have a battery torch, glow sticks or other means of safe lighting to hand

• Keep your mobile well charged and consider an additional power pack

• Check with your GP if you think you may need to use medical equipment at a different time to your normal routine

• Familiarise yourself with fire exits in your building

• Make connections with your neighbours beforehand, a local support network can be invaluable. Consider exchanging telephone numbers with people you trust.

If you are made aware that an outage is going to occur later that day or the next day, here are some things you can do at that time:

• Prepare a snack and fill a flask beforehand

• Keep your fridge and freezer closed

• Wrap up warm – wear plenty of layers and keep extra blankets within easy reach

• Ensure you have at least half a tank of fuel in your car in case of emergencies

• If you have medical equipment and/or stairlifts, please ensure you move to be near any essential equipment before 4pm

• Stay fire safe and remember naked flames are a fire risk. Please use guidance from your local council.

Around your home

Please note any automatic doors in your home will automatically unlock to become a manual door during power cuts, providing you with a safe way in and out.

Please consider your own security, stay at home where possible, and stay vigilant.

• If your building has a lift, please do not use it after 3.50pm on days where power outages have been confirmed

• If you have a door entry system, it will not function – please use alternative routes to exit the building

• In the unlikely event you cannot enter the building, please use your connections with neighbours to help

• If your garage has roller doors or powered gates, please remove your vehicle before 3.50pm if you are likely to need it during a power outage. After 7pm, any planned power outage should be completed.

You will find details on how to carry out basic reset tasks in your home, such as on your boiler and electrics, on our website.

Please follow the step by step how-to guide online before contacting us.

Once again, we’d like to reassure you that no power outages have been planned and more information and support will be provided if they go ahead in the new year. Visit our Cost of Living page to access a host of useful resources and support.

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