Phone charger safety

Fake phone chargers can often be made with low quality materials and mean that they’re more likely to be a fire hazard.

The London Fire Brigade has a host of advice you can read here and our Health and Safety team has shared some top tips to help you stay safe when using phone chargers:

  • Use the correct charger for your phone and ideally the one that came with the phone when you bought it. Alternative chargers might be cheaper, but they might pose more of a fire risk
  • Avoid universal charges. Using a one size fits all charger might cause your phone to overheat or charge less efficiently
  • If you can, charge your phone during the day
  • Try to ensure that phones are not covered or charged on sofas or bedding. This will stop it from potentially becoming overheated and catching fire
  • Check your chargers regularly for damage, such as splits in the insulation, bent, damaged or dirty connectors and exposed wiring
  • Avoid overloading sockets.
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