Look after your wellbeing this winter

The Aster Foundation provides mental wellbeing support to people in your local communities. Daran B, the charity’s wellness and resilience programme lead, has shared these tips to stay well during winter:


  • Be Kind to Yourself.  At any time of year, the way we talk to ourselves can have a huge effect on our well-being and this is even more the case during the winter months. So, avoid belittling yourself with negative thoughts and talk to yourself in the same way that you would with a loved one or someone you care about. Celebrate all the little wins.  
  • Keep Active. Research shows that a daily walk or other exercises of just one hour per day can be as useful as light therapy for treating low mood. Remember to be kind to yourself, and if you miss a day don’t say I failed to do it, try saying I will have another go tomorrow.
  • Let the light in. Open the blinds and curtains and sit in the light, literally let the light in.
  • Turn on the tunes. Music can set the scene whether it's time to slow things down or when you need a pick me up so crank up the tunes, sing or dance like no one is watching and express yourself.
  • Keep Hydrated. When we are stuck indoors it’s not just our skin that can suffer from dryness and lack of shine it’s our brains as well. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and avoid that midday mood slump.
  • Cook up some comfort and slow it down. Mac and cheese, cinnamon buns and cottage pie are great comforting winter foods so cook up a healthy meal and curl up with a blanket. It’s winter so slow things down and take some time whenever you can.
  • Reward yourself: Our brains respond well to reward so plan ahead, think about all of those amazing things that you like to do maybe when the days are longer and plan something nice for this year. Plan some great times with friends or a walk in the country. 
  • Laugh your mood up: Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases your feel-good ones so line up a list of funny films to watch or spend time with those special cheer you up friends. Often a single call with a cuppa and few laughs is all it takes.
  • Avoid the doom scroll: When it’s dark outside and boredom creeps in it’s all too easy to sit on the sofa and scroll through what looks like the amazing lives of others on media platforms. 
  • Practice the art of journaling and gratitude:Finding it hard to think straight? The more thoughts you have racing around your head the more stressed you become so write your thoughts down, it helps your mind to focus and increases your chances of making a plan for a positive outcome. Back that up with just three things that you are grateful for every day and your mind opens up to all of the positive things in your life. 


If our suggestions don’t make a difference for you, consider talking to your local GP, and never be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

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