Into Work: helping you find a job and improve your skills

Our Into Work service provides a range of opportunities to find a job or carry out digital training to improve your skills.

Our team regularly finds out about employment opportunities and can help you to apply for those roles that might suit you. For example, next year there are thousands of temporary roles being created to help the government carry out a Census. We can help you search and apply for these roles; visit our Aster Foundation website for more information.

A customer who recently was supported through our Into Work scheme said: “Being out of work or in the wrong job can feel like a hopeless place. Aster's employment service provided both the practical and personal support to get to the next stage. Thanks.”

She was given some support to build her confidence and we matched their transferable skills to a different career path. Our customer carried out a mock interview interview and went through some potential questions that could arise with the Into Work team.

The customer was feeling more confident with their interview technique and updated the team later that day to say the interview had gone well and they had been offered the job “I got the job!! The mock interview was a game changer.”

The tenant has now started the role and is benefiting from our into work support service where we can continue to provide advice and guidance while in work.



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