Ideas to entertain the children over the holidays

Daran Bailey, Wellness and Resilience Programme Lead at the Aster Foundation has shared some tips to keep children entertained over the holiday break.

DIY Christmas Crafts: Engage in simple and fun Christmas crafts with children, such as making paper snowflakes, creating handprint reindeer, or crafting holiday cards.

Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of winter and holiday-themed items for a scavenger hunt around your home or in a nearby park. Kids can have fun searching for items like pinecones, snowmen, or red ornaments.

Christmas Karaoke: Have a family karaoke night with holiday tunes. Singing and dancing can be a fantastic way to lift everyone's spirits.

Visit a Local Holiday Display: Explore local neighbourhoods with impressive holiday light displays. Take a walk or drive around to enjoy the festive decorations.

Letter to Santa: Help the kids write letters to Santa. It's a great way for them to express their wishes and excitement for the holiday season.

Holiday Sing-Along: Organise a family sing-along session with favourite Christmas carols. You can even create your own festive family band with makeshift instruments.

Holiday Pyjama Party: Have a pyjama day where the family stays in cosy holiday-themed PJs. You can watch movies, play games, and enjoy the day in comfort.

Remember to be flexible and adapt activities based on the age and interests of the children. The goal is to create positive and joyful experiences during the holiday season.

Daran Bailey is a psychotherapist, award-winning and gold standard mental health first aid trainer, resilience practitioner, trauma therapist (BWRT) and mindfulness instructor.


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