Heating your home safely

Over the last couple of weeks our engineers have seen more customers using unsafe indoor portable propane gas heaters and camping gas heaters to help them keep warm.

We would strongly urge you not to use these types of heaters but if you decide to, please make sure they are not left unattended, never left operating overnight and that you check you smoke alarms regularly.

If you are using these forms of heating please also keep all heaters away from flammable materials and keep it out of reach from children at all times.

These forms of heating use air in the home for the combustion process so please make sure your property is well ventilated and adequate for the size of heater you are using.   You also need to make sure you have a carbon monoxide alarm in the room where the heater is being used.         

If you have any concerns about paying for your energy bills, please speak to our team on 0333 400 8222 or visit our dedicated cost of living page for a host of advice about the support available from the Financial wellbeing team. On this page we've also shared a host of advice from local services that can support you through this time.

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