Have you got a tumble dryer in your home?

Many people have tumble dryers in their homes, and begin to use them more often during the winter months. Tumble dryer fires can be extremely dangerous, however some simple steps can be taken to reduce this risk:

  • Only use your dryer when you're home
  • Remove the lint from the trap after every load
  • Don't cover the vent or any other opening and ensure the vent pipe is free of kinks and is not crushed
  • Ensure that your dryer is free from damage, especially the electrical cord and plug.

If you have a fire, we’ll support you and put things right with your ceilings, walls, and essential fittings. However, this doesn’t include any personal belongings like carpets, furniture, appliances, electronic equipment and clothes.

Our trusted insurers Thistle Insurance can help you set up contents insurance from as little as a few pounds a month to protect these items. Visit Thistle Insuranceto get started.

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