Get Fit For Free

Our friends at Quids In! (an independent not-for-profit project providing tenants across the UK with advice and information around money and finance) recently shared some top tips to get out and get active this summer:

  • Step outside: There are hundreds of outdoor gyms in parks around the UK. With the equipment and handy guides on hand they are an easy way to give exercise a go. If running is more your thing, then there’s the Couch to 5k programme or parkrun programmes.
  • Home gyms ideas: If paying for a gym membership isn’t something you want to do, or you simply don’t want to step into a gym then you can get savvy with simple household items which will have the same effect – for example water bottles or canned food can double up as small weights.
  • Walk rather than bus: If you usually get the bus to work or to the shops then why not get off a stop or two earlier to get some extra steps in?


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