Energy saving tips for the kitchen

The Energy Saving Trust has some handy tips to help keep your energy usage low when using everyday appliances or going about our typical activities in the kitchen.

  • A slow cooker or an air fryer use much less energy than heating up an oven. If you’re cooking a meal for one or two people an air fryer is the most cost-effective option, if you’re batch cooking then an electric oven is best and if you’re looking to cook something quickly or reheat then it’s best to use the microwave. Find out more about the best ways to save energy by using the right cooking appliance here.
  •  If you’re counting down the days to your summer holiday and wondering what’s best to do with your freezer then it’s good to know most of the energy lost from your freezer is when you open the door or there’s a build up of ice. If you’re away for a week that means the freezer door will stay closed, saving energy. It is a good idea to defrost your freezer regularly so you could make a point of defrosting it before you leave so there’s no build up of ice while you’re away.
  • Make the most of the warmer temperatures and sunshine when it makes an appearance to dry your clothes outside. The Energy Saving Trust note that relying on your tumble dryer for all your clothes drying costs £50 a year.
  •  If you’re only making one cup of tea only fill the kettle to boil enough water for one.

Find out more hints and tips here.

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