Energy bill help extended for extra three months

The government has extended the help its giving households towards energy bills for an extra three months.

This means that an average household’s energy bills will be capped to £2,500 a year for a further three months over April, May, and June.  

However, the amount you pay depends on how much energy you use, as it is a cap on the cost per unit of energy, so you could end up paying more than £2,500 if your energy use is high. Find out more about the cap here.

Winter fuel payment

People are being encouraged to claim their winter fuel payment support if they haven’t had the payment automatically.

Last year the government introduced the winter fuel payment in response to energy price increases. This scheme aimed to provide every household with £400 towards their energy bills.

Most homes pay their energy bill by direct debit and have been getting around £66 a month taken off their bills or automatically credited to their account. The final payment was automatically made in March 2023

Electricity paid through service charges

If you pay for the electricity used in your property via a personal electricity service charge to us, you can also claim £400 towards your energy costs from the government. We’ve written to all affected customers with more information about this.

If you’re a pre-payment meter, you should get this support through vouchers in the post, via text message or via email. These vouchers can then be taken to a local PayPoint store or a Post Office to be credited onto a meter.

If you think you haven’t received a voucher for these months, or the voucher has expired, please contact your energy supplier.

Alternative fuels - LPG, oil, coal, biomass

If you use alternative fuels like oil or Biomass, you can also receive a one-off £200 grant from the government. Find out more here.

For more information on grants and benefits to help you pay your energy bills visit the Citizens Advice Bureau website.

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