Don’t get tricked – how to avoid scams

There's recently been a concerning rise in scam artists attempting to get access to personal accounts from people by phoning them with fake requests for money. If you get a call you’re not expecting from someone asking you to send money, it could be a scam.

Only give your bank details out over the phone if you know you are speaking to an Aster Employee and if you are not sure call through to the Contact Centre to check.

Fraudulent calls

Unfortunately, at times our customers can also be vulnerable to scammers making fraudulent calls claiming to be from us.

If a cold caller asks you about your rent or service charges and you don’t feel comfortable, hang up and call the contact centre on 0333 400 8222.

Our customer service advisors will be able to let you know if the person calling you is a member of our team. We are ready to support you if you're in any doubt or feel unsure about a caller.

Bogus visitors

Most Teams will let you know in advance if we plan to visit you at home but our Customer Account colleagues may call without an appointment if they need to speak to you. So, if someone visits when you’re not expecting us, our contact centre can let you know if the visit is genuine. You can reach us on 0333 400 8222.

When you look at the caller’s identification (ID) card, check the following:

- Is the photo on the card the same as the person at the door?

- Is the card valid and not out of date?

- Has the card been tampered with in any way?

- Does the card have the right company logo?

Our teams and repairs contractors always carry formal ID cards to prove who they are.

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