Check your pipes ahead of freezing weather

In particularly cold weather and mostly at night, your boiler’s condensate pipe may freeze, which can lead to a blockage, causing the boiler to shut down.

Symptoms of a frozen condensate pipe include:

  • Error codes or warning lights on your boiler’s display
  • A bubbling or gurgling sound emanating from the condensate pipe or the boiler itself.

If the condensate pipe is frozen it’ll need to be thawed. The easiest way to deal with a frozen condensate pipe is to use warm water. Pour a couple of jugs of warm (but not boiling) water over the exterior of the pipework.

Increasing the temperature within the pipe can melt the ice blockage. Boiling water may cause the pipe to crack.

If the fault signals are still present, check your boiler instructions or contact the manufacturer, or give us a call on 0333 400 8222.

Click here for a Worcester Bosch video explaining how to deal with frozen condensate pipes. 

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