Aster Group confirms merger with Enham Trust

We’re pleased to be able to confirm the successful completion of our merger with disability charity Enham Trust.

Enham Trust has become a subsidiary of Aster Group, and retains its name, heritage, and charity status. Enham’s residents will continue to interact directly with the Trust.

Aster Group CEO, Bjorn Howard, said: “This merger will protect Enham Trust’s legacy while enabling it to make use of our expertise, greater scale, and financial stability. This will not only enable the Trust to continue, but also to improve its services across its communities into the future.

“During the consultation period, we have listened carefully to Enham’s residents, their friends and family, customers, employees, trustees and members, as well as the local community. We’ve been struck by everyone’s passionate commitment to securing the future of the charity and the community it serves. These conversations will now continue and we’ll continue to work with these people to shape the future together.

“Our immediate priority is to begin a 12-month project where Aster and Enham will work closely to understand more about Enham’s aspirations and anything that may be proving a barrier to its success. Aster will be using its resources, strength and expertise to support the charity in the short-term and to begin planning what the long-term future could look like.”


You can find out more about the merger here.

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