An update on our stock condition survey

As many of you will already be aware, in March this year we were one of only a small number of housing associations that committed to an ambitious project to survey all of our homes and buildings. We have invested £2.8m into carrying out the survey, and £570m in improvements between now and 2030 to ensure you have a modern and reliable service.

We have now surveyed nearly two thirds of our homes and we are on track to complete the project in the next few months. The survey gives us the opportunity to look at how we can further improve the quality of our homes and services, by enabling us to plan what improvements are needed now and in the future. Our skilled team are working through a full range of inspections to provide a complete picture of each and every one of our homes.

Taking care of your home in winter

At this time of year, condensation and mould can become a real problem in some homes when there’s too much moisture in the air.

Your safety remains our priority. We want to reassure you about what we’re doing to tackle the problem where it arises, and how we’re working to maintain and improve the quality of our homes. We will support you in a variety of ways if mould does occur in your home, and we have also put together a guide and information from independent organisations on how to try and prevent condensation from happening.

Please be reassured that support is available if mould does occur, so we’re making it as easy as possible for you to get in touch with us.If you have any concerns about your home, there’s a range of ways to contact us so that we can help you resolve it. Reach us via our Contact Centre on 0333 400 8222, or on MyAster, where you can use Live Chat to message our customer service advisors directly. Whenever an issue is raised, we’re committed to addressing it for customers as quickly as possible.  

Where mould is discovered in one of our properties, or if we are alerted to it by a customer, we will conduct a full inspection run by a surveyor who has been trained in the diagnosis and management of mould, and who will arrange any repairs or works to the building if required. We always log the outcome of these visits so we can understand the property’s condition and what, if any, works or repairs have been completed as a result.

Finally, there’s lots of things we can all do to help prevent mould happening in our homes, so it’s also important to understand what causes condensation and what can be done to minimise its impact. Take a look at our advice page which shares helpful tips on how to reduce problems in your home caused by condensation and mould.

For other useful information and practical tips about preventing condensation and mould in the home, please do have a look at the below articles:

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