As a customer support officer, I engage with our customers when they have rent arrears or benefit issues.

As a form of support, I regularly give out food vouchers, so they can feed themselves through times of difficulty and save their money for paying off rent arrears. So, I know just how much of a lifeline foodbanks are. 

This means I work quite closely with Andover foodbank and recently got chatting to the manager, Jenny Lelean.

She mentioned that the need in Andover is so great that they are having to extend their existing property to make it much bigger.

I asked Jenny what work they were having and whether “we” at Aster Group could assist. I made no promises to her but asked her to give me a list of work needed carrying out and I would kindly ask.

I decided to approach Jean Dalziel and Gary Prince and asked whether we could help, and they agreed!

Josh Kennedy, planned maintenance, and Rob Egginton, electrical, were tasked with surveying the work.

I arranged a meeting with the foodbank, myself, Josh and Rob and it was agreed that the work we’d carry out will be done so free of charge!

The work to remove all old racking shelving systems, paint the walls, input new electrical sockets, and put all shelving back on walls securely started on 27 July and was completed by 30 July.

I, and the foodbank are so grateful for Aster’s support of this project – it really is making such a difference to the community.  

Special thanks to Jean Dalziel, and Gary Prince for giving me the go ahead on this worthwhile project, and of course thanks to Josh, Rob, and the workmen involved in making it happen.