Housing association’s virtual work experience reopens for aspiring industry professionals

Local housing association Aster Group has partnered with Springpod for the second year running. Together they’ll offer virtual work experience to those looking to discover what it’s like to work in the housing industry.

The programme will provide participants with an overview of the teams that make up Aster and connect them with people across the business. They’ll also be given relevant tasks throughout, such as a writing challenge, quiz or game. 

The experience will end with a module around getting career ready. Students will have the chance to develop some key employability skills, all of which will support them to take the first steps on their career journey.

Starting on Monday 3 July, the programme will last for two weeks and has unlimited spaces.

Rachel Credidio, chief transformation officer at Aster said: “We’re passionate about supporting future talent and helping to make our business and the sector as a whole more accessible for all. This virtual offering will help us with that goal thanks to being delivered in a digital way, reflecting how a lot of us are now working.

“We’re looking forward to welcoming the second cohort of participants and not only showcasing just how varied a role in housing can be, but also what we do to ensure our colleagues have a great day at work through our colleague offer, while also working towards our vision of ‘everyone has a home.’”

Last year’s programme saw 88 students take part, with 43 of them saying they’d strongly consider a career in the housing industry following the work experience.

One participant said: “Thank you for a great inclusive programme. This gave me such an insight into what working in this field looks like and was so interesting and interactive. I felt that I left with a well-rounded understanding of what a housing developer and social landlord does.”

The programme is one of a kind for Springpod with Aster becoming its first housing association partner in 2022. Sam Hyams, CEO at Springpod, said: "It’s wonderful to continue working with Aster to bring the brand to life through this virtual work experience programme for students across the UK.

“At Springpod we are finding that these experiences are becoming an intrinsic part of young people’s career decision-making process, helping students find the right career path, regardless of their background.

“The programme has an in-depth look at Aster’s divisions and service offering, demonstrating why people love working at the company. In addition, the ‘Getting Career Ready’ module focuses on key employability skills. I’m looking forward to hearing feedback following the programme on how it’s helping to change young people’s lives."

Students have until Friday 23 June 2023 to apply for a place on Aster’s virtual work experience programme. For further information visit: https://www.aster.co.uk/careers/work-experience.

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