Bjorn Howard, Group chief executive officer, responds to the Spring Statement

“Given the immediate cost of living challenges facing the UK, the absence of anything new on affordable housing specifically in the Chancellor’s speech doesn’t come as a surprise, however the doubling of the Household Support Fund is a welcome sight.

“This Spring Statement and its focus on addressing the strain on household finances serves as a reminder to our sector that we need to continue to drive forward the affordable homes agenda. This includes delivery of new housing but also, at a time when our customers are feeling the impact of the rising cost of living, we need to help those that need it to navigate the financial challenges ahead. It’s essential that we continue to listen, adapting our services where necessary to provide affordable homes that people desperately need.

“More than 2,000 customers a year access our financial wellbeing service, which coordinates support and connects people to critical support agencies. This more holistic approach to customer care, that goes beyond just building and maintaining homes, is becoming more and more necessary for social housing providers. As the cost of living rises, it should remain an absolute priority as we enter a time of further economic uncertainty.” 

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